Can’t Catch’em on the Sofa!™

The SLICK is hand injected in the USA using “top-shelf” plastic with premium custom swim bait hooks.    


Capt. Clint Smith
Capt Clint Smith with Gator Trout on Pearl White/Chartreuse "SLICK Lure"   After debating wether or not to run my charter today, ...
Capt. Clint Smith
Yep - they like the Slick here!  My son, Zach, caught this nice Sea Trout this am using the Slick.  It was caught  about a mile south of Ric...
Jacksonville Trout
CM (2)
Carlos M.  Tuesday, 24 Nov 2015 Hi Joey, BTW -- I fished a small tournament hosted by the Cedar Key Marina for its storage customers. ...
Cedar Key Tourney Win
Hi Joey, I'm a Gainesville Offshore Club member who recently bought a few "The Slick"s from you at a club meeting ("Back to Basics", Tomm...
Carlos Morales
HoloTurquoise Red